Our company exists since 2002. At the beginning we made mainly roofs of various kinds of roofing, as a complete project, that means, from making a project to the point of giving it for use.

We guarantee a service within the scope of leading important procedures such as building permission, surveying service, a project, execution of the project, which includes any installation procedures.

We cooperate with various design studios and professional engineering staff who is responsible for the quality of the specific procedures.

Our prominent symbol is a variety of projects that have been made in the last few years. There were some industrial constructions – production plants or storehouses, and also a great number of public investments that were treated as a rebuilding or building from scratch.

According to the rule ‘‘our investor commissions – we create it”, we care about the materials that are needed in building. They are of a high quality, which gives also a specific quality to our services, regardless of a building place in Poland, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands or abroad.

We make constructions of skeletal form e.g. steel, of layered plates or layered walls – ventilated, stone etc. The roofing can made with the use of vinyl membrane or bituminous forms, according to the design trends, new roofing technology and regulations.

In the last years we have made also European projects, e.g. from Germany and Sweden. We were responsible for office-storehouse constructions, industrial buildings of a great number of usage and of different technology.

We can build also houses from scratch, from making a project to giving it for usage. The kind of procedures depends on requirements and individual ideas of the investor.